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The Turkish Group (Holden) Visits Baghdad Investment Authority

Baghdad Investment Authority, received a delegation representing seven Turkish companies (Holden Group) specialized in area of investment in the residential sector, educational , tourism and technology and these companies have more than (24) branch in Gulf States and Europe . Mr. Shakir Aziz Shabib , chief of Baghdad investment Commission , provided a detailed explanation […]

Turkmen Folk Garments Fair in Talafar

A Turkmen women’s folk clothes fair was held in Talafar, western Mosul, on Thursday, and the revenues would go for the impoverished families, according to the chief of the Turkmen feminist union. “The union organized today (Jan. 14) a 15-day fair showcasing Turkmen women’s folk clothes in Talafar, (60 km) northwest of Mosul, and put […]

French Companies Interested in Rehabilitating Iraqi Industries – Ministry

A big delegation of French firms will visit Iraqi state-owned industrial companies to rehabilitate and develop them, the Iraqi Industry Ministry said on Wednesday. “The Iraqi industry minister and the French ambassador in Baghdad discussed this issue on Monday (Jan. 11),” the Ministry said in a release received by Aswat al-Iraq news agency. During the […]

Trade Prepares to Enter 3rd Round of Negotiations with World Organizations

Acting Trade Minister Dr. Safa adin as-Safi has indicated the necessity of performing adjustment and certifying the march of route map for the committee interested to belong Iraq for world Trade Organization via putting up-to-date proposals and formulas and study them to reach new opinion before entering 3rd round of negotiations. As-Safai called during his […]

Turkish Trade Delegation Discusses Investment in Arbil

A delegation comprised of representatives of the Turkish Chamber of Commerce has arrived in Arbil to discuss investment opportunities in the city, Arbil’s governor said on Wednesday. “The delegation included the head of the Turkish Chamber of Commerce and members of the chambers of industry and commerce, as well several company owners,” Governor Nozad Hadi […]

Committee to Protect Tomato Produce in Basra

A committee has been set up in Basra to protect the local tomato production against competition from imported tomatoes, an official statement said on Wednesday. “Basra Governor Dr. Shaltagh Abbod al-Mayah has given instructions to form a special committee to handle the drop in the price of local tomatoes due to competition from imports,” read […]

Negotiations with Korean Investors to Regenerate Steel Factory

The Iraqi minister of industry and minerals on Tuesday said that talks are currently held with Korean investors over the rehabilitation of the iron and steel factory. Speaking to Aswat al-Iraq news agency, Minister Fawzi Hariri said that a good bid has been made by Korean investors and is currently under discussion. The minister pointed […]