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MRC Announces New Tenders

Midland Refinery Company announces new tenders: - Spare For Steam De Super Heater - Spare Parts For Burner of F-101,201,301,302,501 & 601 - Spare Parts for Burners of Power Former no 2 - Spare for Pumps The Company must submit a covenant enclosed with the technical offer that they have submitted otherwise the offer should be […]

More tenders from Midland Refineries Co

Midland Refineries Co announces for purchasing the materials as stated below: - 1 Nitrogen unit to produce 1500 NM3/HR nitrogen as gas and 240 L/HR Nitrogen as liquid. - 7 items of spares for pump type AVSP2 , VP 250/75 - 12 items of spares for new power House no 3 - 8 items of […]

New MRC Tenders

Midland Refineries Co announces new tenders for purchasing the materials as stated below: * 23 items of  Spare part for turbine type 353 T  Req. No : 1165/2011 * 5 items of Burner soot blower , condenser and ejectors  Req. No: 1202/2011 *12 items of Spare parts for extra action pump  Req. No: 1194/2011 *18 […]