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NGC : Supplying for Vaisala MAWS301 Hydrometer System .

North Gas Company announces a new tender for supplying a new Vaisala MAWS301 Hydrometer system , configuration comprising: standard assembly for data collection paltform (DCP) high accuracy for industry use in metric unit measurement including: -QML201AWS logger with 1.6MB flash memory for data logging , plus mounting plate , accuracies operating temperature (-50... +60) , […]

Quotation for ICP (Spectro Arcos) Multi Element Standard Solution

North Gas Company announces a new tender for ICP (Spectro Acros) multi element standard solution . Offers should be from manufacturing companies or authorized agents. Agents & suppliers should submit authorization from the main manufacturer(s) , all relevant documents to be originals being authenticated by Iraqi Commercial attache. Please click on this link for further […]