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Allawi to Pull Out of Power-Sharing Govt?

Ayad Allawi has reportedly threatened to quit the power-sharing government according to an interview with Britain's Times newspaper on Tuesday. "Power-sharing is not happening," Allawi said. "It is not set to work in a meaningful way... If it does not change, I will not participate." Despite his Iraqiya block narrowly winning elections in March, Allawi […]

More Jobs For the Boys

It seems that the newly-appointed Prime Minister, Nouri al-Maliki, and his team are having to be increasingly inventive in their efforts to piece together a new cabinet. Creating, in effect, two energy ministries – if indeed these rumours are true – will help increase the size of the cabinet pie that he can then dole […]

Shahristani to Lose Oil Ministry ... Well, Sort Of

A confidante of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki claims there will be a shake-up in the oil and energy portfolio when the new cabinet positions are announced. According to Iraq Oil Report, Hussain al-Shahristani will move from his current position as Minister for Oil and Acting Minister for Electricity, into a newly-created Deputy Prime Minister role […]

Al-Maliki (Finally) Offered New Term as Prime Minister

We have just received news that Iraq's newly-appointed President, Jalal Talabani, has formally asked Nouri al-Maliki to accept the position of Prime Minister and form the next government. Following his appointment today (Thursday), al-Maliki will have 30 days in which to choose a cabinet. Maliki has reportedly asked Iraqi's to “turn over a new page, […]

Good News For Foreign Investors in Iraq

Iraq's newly-appointed President, Jalal Talabani (pictured), is apparently using his full allowance of 15 days to formally appoint a new Prime Minister, thus allowing the haggling over the details to continue. And while Nouri al-Maliki remains the 'agreed' candidate, we should never under-estimate the Iraqi parliament's ability to throw us a last-minute surprise. If al-Maliki […]

News Flash: Allawi Walks Out of Parliament

Just as Iraq's politicians had finally hammered out a deal to create the next government, Ayad Allawi [Iyad Allawi] joined an estimated 57 Iraqiya MPs in walking out of the chamber. The parliament, meeting in only its second session since the election in March, had just elected as Speaker Osama al-Nejeifi [al-Nujaifi], a Sunni hard-liner […]

Election Update: Govt Negotiations at Critical Stage

Our sources in Iraq tell us that negotiations are expected to continue late on Wednesday to decide the formation of the next Iraqi government, and it looks likely that the parliamentary session that had been postponed until Thursday will be delayed further. It is now generally accepted that Nouri al-Maliki will retain the position of […]