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Iraq Doubles Duty on Rice Imports

By John Lee. India's Economic Times reports that Iraq has doubled the import duty on rice to 40 percent. An official from the All India Rice Exporters' Association (AIREA) told the news agency that the sudden increase in import duty by Iraq has come as a major blow and it is bound to impact exports […]

PM calls to end Boycott of Saudi Products

By John Lee. Newly-appointed prime minister Haidar al-Abadi has called for an end to the boycott by a number of governorates of products from neighbouring countries, including Saudi Arabia. He urged those provinces to instead develop their economies through regional cooperation, particularly with neighbouring states. A number of provincial councils, including Baghdad, Basra and Najaf, […]

Iraq Bans White Cement from Iran

By John Lee. Global Cement reports that Iraq has banned imports of Iranian white cement from the Iranian border towns of Shalamcheh and Chazabeh. Sadeq Sava'edi, the deputy head of Khuzestan's Cement Exporters Union, told the ISNA news agency that Iraq is still importing grey cement and other construction materials, adding that Iran exports 8000 […]

Cheap Imports may "Destroy" Cement Industry

By John Lee. The State Company for Cement Industries says cheap, low-quality imports of cement are making it hard for it to sell its products, reports Azzaman. The company‚Äôs director-general, Nasser Idris, warned that the industry might collapse without immediate state support. Idris did not say where the cement was imported from, but added that […]

KRG Bans Import of more Fruit and Veg

By John Lee. The KRG's Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources has decided to ban the importation of fruit and vegetables for a period of five months, reports AKnews. Marketing Director Nouri Ismael told the news agency: "The importation of apples will be banned from August 1 to October 30; pomegranates from August 15 to […]

Kurdistan Bans Import of More Vegetables

The KRG's Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources had decided to ban the importation of more vegetables and fruit in order to boost the local production, reports AKnews. From the beginning of July it will impose the ban on sunflower seeds, watermelon, melon and eggplant, said Nuri Ismael, loan and marketing director at the Ministry. […]

Kurdistan Bans Importation of Certain Fruits and Veg

Kurdistan's Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources has announced a ban on importation of certain fruits and vegetables from next month, according to AKnews. The Marketing Director at the ministry, Nouri Ismael, said that this comes as a result of the region achieving self-sufficiency in these agricultural products. Peppers will be banned permanently, while cucumbers, […]

Import of 22 Vegetables no Longer Banned

AKnews reports that 22 different types of vegetables are not longer banned from being imported into the Kurdistan Region. The ban had been imposed in May in order to boost local production. The KRG's Minister for Agriculture, Jamil Suleiman, said, "since the local production of these vegetables has decreased, the banned items are allowed to […]