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Friday's Day of Rage in Iraq

Friday, billed as a 'day of rage' in Iraq, saw protests throughout the country despite Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki urging people to not participate in the protests for security reasons. Baghdad: The center of the city was 'virtually locked down' on Friday. Demonstrators trying to get across a bridge going from the square to the […]


A Week of Surprises

With popular uprisings sweeping across the Middle East in recent weeks, Iraq too has seen its share of protests, but the focus here is different. Rather than trying to bring down the (elected) government, the people are expressing their anger at problems such as unemployment, sub-standard public services, scarcity of food, and the corruption and […]


Protester Killed, TV Station Torched

Hundreds of protesters inspired by unrest around the Arab world took to the streets of the northern Iraqi city of Sulaimaniya on Sunday and at least 48 people were injured, according to Reuters. Associated Press reports at least one person killed overnight. A source told Iraq Business News that a massive demonstration is planned for […]

Violent Protests Break Out in Iraq

Violent protests have broken out at various locations in Iraq, with anti-government protesters rallying against corruption, poor basic services and high unemployment. Basra: In the country's second largest city, about 1,000 people protested on Friday, demanding better services, jobs and improved pensions. They called for the provincial governor to resign, and blocked a bridge for […]

Iraqi Stability: A Year in Review

Iraq Business News has been shedding light on the investment climate in Iraq for a year. Over that period there have been numerous improvements in conditions. However, security has continued to play a major role in the business sector. Attacks and instability have persisted despite a significant reduction in overall violence in recent years. The […]

Weekly Security Update for 16th February 2011

Overview Levels of violence have been rising in Iraq over the past four weeks. The increase has been gradual, but consistent and last week saw more than 40 attacks reported countrywide for the first time since mid-December. Recent days have seen a particularly concerning rise in militant activity and social tensions in the northern city […]