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Iraq Confirms Oil Sales to Egypt

By John Lee. Iraq's Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Affairs, Hussein al-Shahristani (pictured), has confirmed that 4 million barrels of crude oil per month is to be will be shipped to Egypt from next April. Speaking to Associated Press, al-Shahristani did not say whether Iraq will sell at preferential prices, as it does with neighbouring […]

Iraq Pressures Gazprom to Quit Kurdistan

 By John Lee. The Iraqi Government has reportedly told Gazprom Neft, the oil arm of Russian gas export monopoly Gazprom, to abandon oil deals in Kurdistan or face losing the lucrative Badra oilfield contract. The field, which is estimated to have reserves of 100 million barrels, is being developed by Gazprom (30%), Korea’s KOGAS (22.5%), […]

250MW Power Station Opened in Karbala

Deputy Premier for Energy Affairs Hussein al-Shahristani (pictured) has opened a new 250-MW, gas-fired power station in Karbala. Sharistani said that the government is working on electricity generating stations in Babel, Karbala and Anbar provinces, while another 250-MW station will be opened in Hilla in the coming days. Iraq recently announced that it also plans […]

Iraq Aims to Beat IEA Oil Forecast

By John Lee. Iraq has said its oil output could reach up to 10 million barrels per day by 2020, higher than the recent prediction from the International Energy Agency (IEA). Speaking at a ceremony for the publication of the IEA report, Iraq's Deputy Prime Minister for energy, Hussain al-Shahristani (pictured), predicted that the country's […]

Baghdad Seeks To Get A Grip On Oil Deals

As senior politicians in Baghdad get more enraged about oil majors circumventing them to make "illegal" oil deals with Kurdistan in the north of the country, Iraqi newspaper Azzaman believes the oil majors have finally got the message, or have at least started to take it seriously. Just 50 companies have attended an oil expo […]

Iraq to make Gas Exploration Deals more Attractive

By John Lee. An Iraqi Oil Ministry spokesman has said the Ministry will make future energy exploration contracts more lucrative, to encourage foreign firms to compete in auctions for exploration blocks. "Economic and financial aspects will be reviewed in light of our experiences", said Assem Jihad. "The final details of the contracts will be worked […]

Iraq to Offer Better Terms for Oil Contracts

By John Lee. Iraq's Deputy Prime Minister with responsibility for energy affairs, Hussein al-Shahristani (pictured), has reportedly said that Baghdad was considering offering foreign oil firms more lucrative contracts. According to a report from Aswat al-Iraq, he admitted that the recent fourth auction of exploration blocks had not been as successful as officials had hoped. […]

Baghdad "to Take Legal Action Against Total"

By John Lee. The Iraqi government has reiterated commitments to take all legal actions against the French energy giant Total for signing contracts with Kurdistan region. “We will take legal actions to force the company to sell its share (25%) of al-Halfaya oilfield", said Deputy Prime Minister Hussein al-Shahristani (pictured). Total "was requested to withdraw […]

Shahristani, Metka, Discuss Shat al-Basra Power Project

By John Lee. The Head of the Greek company Metka, John Mytilineos, met with Iraq's Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Affairs, Hussein al-Shahristani, to discuss the building of the new Shat al-Basra power station. A statement by Shahristani's Office, reported by AIN, said: "Shahristani urged during the meeting the Company to assume suitable immediate procedures […]

Shahristani tells Japex, Petronas to Speed up Development at Gharraf

By John Lee. The Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Affairs, Hussein al-Shahristani, has reportedly urged the consortium developing the Gharraf oilfield in Maysan province to speed up progress on the project. He also offered to help "eliminate the obstacles facing the work of the company",  which is a venture between the Japanese JAPEX and […]

Iraq to Create Dhi-Qar Oil Company?

By John Lee. The Iraqi province of Dhi Qar (Thi Qar) may get it's own oil company, according to a report from AIN. The Deputy Prime Minister with responsibility for Energy Affairs, Hussein al-Shahristani (pictured), discussed the issue with the Deputy Chairman of Dhi-Qar Provincial Council, Hadi Mohan, at his office in Baghdad. Shahristani instructed to […]