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Iraq's Oil Reserves Even Higher?

Iraq's proven oil reserves total around 173 billion barrels, Deputy Prime Minister Hussain al-Shahristani (pictured) said on Wednesday, according to a report from Dow Jones Newswires. Only 143 billion barrels of these reserves have been fully audited, he said. Another 30 billion barrels located in the Kurdish region of Iraq are considered proven but haven't […]

Kurdistan Oil Dispute Appears Resolved

The dispute between Baghdad and the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) over the legitimacy of international oil contracts signed by the Kurds appears to be over. Baghdad’s dispute with Kurdistan froze oil exports from the region last year. Asked if the dispute between the two Iraqi powers had been resolved, Iraqi Oil Minister, Hussain al-Shahristani, told […]

Iraq Ups Official Oil Reserves, Overtakes Iran!

Iraq has raised the level of the oil reserves it claims to own by 24% in its first revision since the change of regime in 2003. The country has 143.1bn barrels of known and extractible oil, up from the 115bn barrels previously estimated. If correct, the revision means that Iraq now has bigger oil reserves […]

Iraq to Dramatically Re-State Oil Reserves

Iraq is set to announce a "big increase" in its oil reserves on Monday, which currently stand at 115 billion barrels, a spokesman for the oil ministry said. Iraq's crude reserves are the world's third largest but its production rate is low thanks to years of sanctions, under-investment and war. Baghdad has signed a series […]

Baghdad Puts Gas Trio on Table

Iraq plans to offer three gas fields with combined in-place resources of 25 trillion cubic feet of gas to international bidders “in the coming months”, according to Iraqi Oil Minister Hussain Shahristani.