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Karbala Printing & Marketing Service Center Opens

By John Lee. The large format banner printer was the last piece of equipment to arrive, completing the first round of printer purchases for the Karbala Printing and Marketing Service Center, culminating many months of planning and hard work by the staff of the Karbala Business Development Center (KBDC). Thanks to funding from the KBDC […]

Samawa BDC Goes to University

By John Lee. The Samawa Business Development Center (SBDC) continues to expand the range of services it provides in Muthanna Province to meet the needs of government and businesses alike. Initially benefitting from grants and support provided by the Dhi Qar and Muthana Provincial Reconstruction Team and the USAID-Tijara program, the SBDC has grown from […]

USAID-Supported SME Centers Creating More Jobs

Iraq’s Ministry of Youth Monitoring and Coordination Director General Adnan Al-Sarraj recently praised USAID-Tijara’s network of eight Small Business Development Centers (SBDCs) for helping Iraqis find employment and start new businesses. The compliment came in a SBDC strategy workshop last week in Erbil at which government officials, NGOs and UN agencies joined USAID-Tijara to discuss […]

Iraq's Small Business Development Centers Create New Jobs

Business training offered in Iraq’s Small Business Development Centers is helping shape a new generation of Iraqi entrepreneurs whose companies someday may become significant private sector employers. So says a survey published this month of 4,329 trainees who graduated last year from SBDC programs that include the two most popular courses, ”How to Start a […]