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Construction in Iraq - Staying the Course

The headlines on the establishment of a new government are indeed welcome. For a small firm like ours, the uncertainty and stop start procurement process is a commercial killer. We have to say that a lot of time and effort proportionate to our size has been expended on producing and delivering proposals that then hang […]

Construction and Investment in Iraq

There have been some positive developments last week in the political stalemate in Iraq. A breakthrough in the negotiations between some of the factions allied to Mr. Nouri Al-Maliki, have brought the formation of the government slightly closer to realization (relatively speaking). All now depends on the negations with the other major players, namely the […]

Construction Investments in Iraq - First Steps

First, a lesson to designers! We were involved in a team presentation for a large development, which required of course its iconic centrepiece building. The designer took inspiration from the current fashion for twisted shaped buildings, and it did indeed look very gracious. However, the client team leader interpreted it as a representation of the […]