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Iranian Company Fails to Complete Power Plant

Iraq's Electricity Ministry has criticized the Iranian company Sanir [Sunir] for its alleged failure to complete the construction of the Sadr gas power plant in Baghdad, reports AKnews. Ministry spokesman Musab al-Mudarres said that the complex still does not have distribution centers, control centers, management chambers and housing facilities. "The Electricity Ministry did not fail […]

Sadr Power Station Starts Operation

Iraq's Ministry of Electricity announced on Tuesday the experimental launch of a number of electrical units in the al-Sadr gas station. According to the report from AKnews, the plant is operated by the Iranian company Snair (which Iraq Business News believes to be Sunir). The ministry’s media spokesman, Musab al-Mudarres, told AKnews that the station […]

Iran to Boost Iraq's Power Generation

Iran’s power development firm, Sunir [Sanir] is negotiating with the Iraqi side to expand the capacity of a plant it is constructing in Baghdad from 160 megawatts to 640 megawatts. Sunir, the power construction arm of Iran’s energy ministry, is the largest foreign contributor in Iraq’s rickety power infrastructure, according the the report from Azzaman. […]