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Tourism Minister Plans to Boost Eco-Tourism

The Minister of Tourism, Liwaa Sumaisem, has announced plans to develop Iraq’s tourism sector – currently dominated by religious tourism - to include archeological and eco-tourism. He told AKnews that a law will soon be passed empowering the ministry to develop the nature reserves and visitor centers at the country’s archeological sites. The holy cities […]

Minister Calls on UK Businesses to Invest in Kurdistan’s Tourism Now

Kurdistan Region Tourism Minister, Samir Abdullah Mustafa, yesterday called on British investors to make the most of the opportunity to invest in Kurdistan’s tourist sector at a conference in London. Setting out plans to build 2,500 new hotels to accommodate another 1.35 million visitors annually by 2015, the Minister also highlighted existing success stories within […]

German Investment in Ninawa

Nineveh Investment Commission announced this week that it had signed investment contracts with two German companies to build tourist facilities on the banks of the Tigris River. Jabor Abed Rabu, Chairman of the Commission, told AKnews that the companies involved are Zalmania and Backmana, but the value of the contracts were not disclosed. "The two […]

Eid Holiday Boosts Kurdistan Tourism

The media secretary at the Kurdistan Regional Government's Ministry for  Tourism said on Saturday that nearly 37,000 tourists visited Kurdistan during Eid al-Adha. Kan'an Baha'addin told AKnews during the four days of the Eid 15,000 tourists visited Erbil province, 13,000 Dohuk, and 8,500 Sulaimaniya. Eid al-Adha is an Islamic celebration that takes place at the […]

Light at the End of the Tunnel

After eight months it seems that finally we are close to an agreement on the formation of the next Iraqi government. When the talks finally reach a conclusion, there's a long list of issues to be addressed by the incoming government, not least of which is Iraq's abysmal ranking in the World Bank's latest Doing […]

Basra's Sinbad Island to Become Tourist Attraction

The group of US investors held talks with local officials in Basra about establishing a tourist project on Sindbad Island [Sinbad Island], a source told Aswat al-Iraq news agency on Wednesday. A delegation from the group discussed the project with Basra's Governor, Shaltagh Abboud, and Deputy Chairman of Basra Council, Ahmad al-Sulieti. “The project includes […]

Iraq - the Next Tourism Hotspot

Iraq is poised to be a future tourism hotspot, reveals the new WTM Global Trends Report. The report, in association with Euromonitor International, shows Iraqi tourism is growing fast with increased airline and hotel capacity following the country’s successful attendance at World Travel Market 2009 – its first visit to a travel and tourism trade […]

Iraq Tourism Receives Added Boost

Leading emerging markets insurance provider launches dedicated travel insurance website for Iraq Intrepid adventurers and culture vultures can now add Iraq to list of ‘must visit’ destinations Easy on-line access to tourist insurance [Picture: Ishtar Gate, Babylon, built circa 575 B.C.] AAIB Insurance Brokers, the leading international insurance broker for Iraq, has launched the first […]

Tourism Opportunities in Kurdistan

The Kurdistan Regional Government has requested declarations of interest from companies wishing to participate in tourism projects in the Dukan region (pictured). The following is the un-edited text of their announcement: Declaration to all investment companies, local and foreign businesses: Within the ongoing efforts of the Kurdistan Regional Government and direct supervision of the Directorate […]

$3m to Develop Nippur Archaeological Site

An official in Diwaniya said on Friday evening that the Iraqi Ministry of Tourism has allocated 3.5bn Iraqi Dinars (ID) [$3m] to the rehabilitation of the Neipur [Nippur] archaeological city south of Diwaniya, 180 km south of Baghdad. Dakhil al-Kanani, the head of the Supreme Committee of the Niepur cultural festival in Diwaniya province told […]

Religious Sites Can Become Tourist Attractions in Qadisiyah

An Iraqi investment expert said that Qadisiyah [Al-Qādisiyyah] has 14 archeological and religious sites that could be invested in, to draw large numbers of tourists and pilgrims into the province. Abbas Anid Ghanem indicated the presence of these sites encourages investment opportunities in the province, according to a report from AKnews. "Some of these sites […]

Waterfall Resort to be Renovated

A waterfall resort in northern Erbil province is expected to be turned into a modern tourist destination after it was neglected of late due to drought, according to a source reported by AK News on Saturday. "Soon, Gali Ali Bag Waterfall resort will be renovated on a modern and new design through the private sector […]