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Iraqi "First Digital-Only Payment Card"

Iraq-based International Network for Cards and Digital Payment Services (INC Iraq) and a Lebanese fintech startup NymCard that is digitizing how payments cards are issued, delivered, and used, in collaboration with Visa have launched the first digital-only (prepaid) payment card ‘Neo‘ in Iraq to serve the underbanked Iraqi population, the two companies announced in a […]

Trade Bank of Iraq issues Visa Gold Card

By John Lee. The Trade Bank of Iraq (TBI) has issued a Visa Debit Gold Card for dollar-denominated accounts currency, according to a statement from the bank, reported by AKnews. The statement quoted director general of the bank, Hamdiya al-Jaff [Hamdiya Al-Jaf, Hamida al-Jaf], as saying: "The issuance of such cards encourage citizens to deal […]