A Workshop Entitled "Training Trainers" in Immarah Province

New Iraqi Academician Organization NIAO in association with the National Fund for Democracy has held a workshop in hall of Iraqi woman institution in Immarah province entitled ' training trainers ' for reporters.

New chairman of NIAO engineer Hassanein Abdul Latif said" this workshop is an accomplishment for the first stage will be over at the end of this month regarding the non- governmental organizations where an expanded workshop lasted two days, then ten others being held in Immarah province, but the second stage of this project will include preparing trainers advocate human rights through reporters and informal in the province.

The attendants' figures were high and number of participants was 24 male & female reporters. Different topics in human rights were discussed such as; the world declaration of human rights, accord of fighting discrimination against woman, Seedaw Accord, Child & woman rights accord inside Iraqi constitution. All subjects were prepared by man of media, lecturer Mohaned al- Hashimi, president of reporter and intellectual union in Immarah province.

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