Omnnea Wireless Telecommunications Expands Its Network Coverage in Iraq

Omnnea is a two year old communications service provider with a non-conventional service delivery mechanism designed to meet the needs of its client constituents, the citizens of Iraq. Omnnea extended its wireless network coverage to the province of Nasyrea north of Basra this month in Iraq.  Omnnea's network covers now Baghdad, Basra, Babel, Najaf, Karbala, Dewanea, Semawa and Nasyrea.  Work is under way to complete its national network coverage in all of Iraq. Omnnea is providing wireless fixed and mobile voice, data, and internet services for its residential, business, corporate and government clients in Iraq.

As a Wireless Local Loop (WLL) communications provider, Omnnea focuses its services in the fields in which it has developed its core competencies: Voice, Data and Internet Telecommunications services.  Within these parameters, Omnnea provides professional communication services are Fixed and mobile telephone services; Fixed and mobile Internet and Data (SMS) services; High-speed data; Point to Point (Leased Lines) data lines; Multi-line services; Facsimile line services; Roaming services with GSM networks; and Value added services, such as three way calling, call forwarding, IVR (Interactive Response, call forwarding, etc.)

Omnnea is a full life-cycle communications company with a wireless Solutions and Systems Integration as an enabler for realizing telephony challenges of its clients both residential and commercial.  The Company's arsenal of professionals has core competencies in Telephony Systems Design and Implementation, Program and Project Management, Systems Engineering, Business Process Analysis and Re-engineering, Quality Assurance and Testing, and Business Continuity Planning.

Omnnea, Ltd. is an Iraqi Sells & Marketing and Distributorship company formed to exclusively market, sell and distribute Omnnea products and services to other master distributers in Iraq.

Omnnea, Inc. is a facilities-based entity with the intention of providing a wide array of high quality and competitively priced telecommunications services in Iraq.  It intends to take advantage of its intimate knowledge of Iraq combined with its technological based advantage to tackle the Iraqi market.   Omnnea, Inc. is fortified by a management team, which possesses vast experience in global telecommunications and stays abreast of technological advancements.  This, along with dedicated and experienced personnel, form the ingredients necessary for the company to flourish in the Iraqi and regional telecommunications markets.

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