Gulf Bridge International and Iraq Telecommunication Post Sign for Iraq Cable Landing

GBI's International Cable System undersea cable network is planning to connect the Gulf region states in a 'Gulf Ring' system, in addition to onward telecommunications connectivity to the Far East (East Route) and Europe (West Route).

Commenting on the importance of the GBI-ITPC MoU, GBI Chairman Rashid Al-Noaimi said: "The landing of GBI's new undersea telecommunications cable is a historic event, as it is the first cable to be landed in Iraq. This step will certainly improve Iraqi economic performance especially the telecommunication sector, motivate the development process and facilitate various business investments".

GBI International Cable System is the first cable to be landed in Iraq and will contribute to develop telecommunications services for both individuals and companies. The cable will provide high capacity internet services especially with Gulf countries, and will help in reconnecting Iraq with the rest of the world through high speed, reliable cable networks.

"This MOU reflects strong Qatari-Iraqi relations, and it opens doors for more co-operations in other fields in the future. We look forward for the best mutual investments between Iraq and Qatar, as well as our people's interest," said Jawad Al-Hindawi, Iraqi Ambassador to Qatar.

Qasim Mohamed Jasim Al-Hasani, Director General of ITPCITPC stated: "The landing of the GBI cable in Iraq will provide unprecedented services, and will support other sectors which will benefit from the rapid and immediate communication the GBI cable will offer."

The GBI International Cable System offers options to upgrade to a true 64 x 40Gbps per fiber pair system, enabling real-time communications for telecommunications operators and major industries.

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