Prime Minister Maliki's Visit to Karnbala Results in Three Projects; Two of Them to the Value 25 Billion Dinars

Governor of Karbala said the short visit of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to the city on Sunday, resulted in three important projects the cost of two of them amounting to 25.315 billion dinars (more than 22 million U.S. dollars).

The architect Amal al din alhir , that Al-Maliki "laying the foundation for two important projects in the city, one for roads, and the second for housing the poor and opened the sports projects during his brief visit to the city today (Sunday)," pointing out that Al Maliki "puts the first foundation stone for the longest street in the city of Karbala, Maitham al Tamar Street in its second part with a length of 4.5 kilometers and the road linking the center of city with south of Najaf. "

He explained that the project "is important as, it will save the city from congestion and traffic jams, especially in times of the millions visits,"

Indicating that the cost of the project "convergence of 20.315 billion dinars, and hoped to complete it within 25 months."

Al hir said, that the project consists of two parts, completed the first, which is one km length and cost of four billion dinars, and linking the entrance of the city until the beginning of the new project, "he continued," as al-Maliki opened in his tour, the indoor sports hall that were completed a few days ago by an Iraqi company. "

also adding, that the room "is the first of its kind at a cost of 5.5 billion dinars, and capacity for 1000 spectators, consisting of two floors will join the gym for volleyball, basketball, five-ball and boxing as well as warehouses and rooms for training, first aid, medical examinations and the players and management and another for the transfer of television and radio and an internal system of surveillance cameras and electronic and screen rooms for management, meetings and conferences."

Al hir said, that the prime minister, "lay the foundation stone for the construction of 1000 residential units at low cost will be carried out behind the green belt area (15 km west of Karbala)", noting that the project "will be completed within one year and will be distributed to the poor and needing families," without specifying cost.
The town of Karbala, Karbala province, lies 110 km to the south-west of Baghdad.

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