Works Resume on First Fibre-Optic Communications Network in Thi-Qar

The Thi-Qar post and communications department announced on Thursday that works would resume on the Access Network project of the first optic-fiber communications network in the province, stalled due to budget cuts.

“The local administration in Thi-Qar approved resumption of the project after the company that implements the project agreed to receive its dues in 2011,” Hussein Mohammed Barakat, the official in charge of the Thi-Qar Reconstruction Organization’s Communications & Post Sector, told Aswat al-Iraq news agency.

The project will be carried out by China’s ZTE firm through an Iraqi company at a cost of 5.279 billion Iraqi dinars ($5 million).

“The project was put on the backburner twice due to financial problems that emerged after budget cuts in the province,” said Barakat.

The province of Thi-Qar lies 380 km south of the Iraqi capital Baghdad.

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