Gulf Bridge International and Iraqi Telecommunications Sign Agreement for Cable Landing in Iraq

In an important step for developing the Iraqi telecommunications infrastructure, Gulf Bridge International (GBI), the Middle East's first privately owned submarine cable operator, and  Iraqi Telecom & Post Company, the leading telecommunications service provider in Iraq,  today announced the signing of a agreement to land GBI's new undersea telecommunications cable in Iraq. The announcement was made in the presence of H.E. the Iraqi Minister of Communications and H.E. the Ambassador of Iraq to Qatar.

The Gulf Bridge International Cable System (GBICS) is planned to connect Iraq with the Gulf region and the rest of the world, via a reliable, high capacity fiber optic cable linking the region to India and the Far East (East Route) and Europe (West Route).

Commenting on the importance of the GBI-Iraqi Telecom agreement, Iraqi Minister of Communications H.E. Eng. Farouq Abed Al-Qader said: "The signing of an agreement to land GBI's new undersea telecommunications cable in Iraq comes within the policy of the Iraqi Ministry of Telecommunications to build a strong communications infrastructure which supports development in all areas through establishing communications network contributes in reducing the digital gap between the government sectors, in addition to strengthening Iraqi economic and informational relations with the countries of the region and the world."

Board Member and Chief Executive Officer Eng. Ahmed Mekky stated: "Our partnership with the Iraqi Ministry of Communications - representing Iraqi Telecom & Post Company - to land a high capacity marine cable in Iraq is an important step in GBI's vision to provide the latest underwater cable technology for all Gulf countries".

In turn, Qasim Mohamed Jasim Al-Hasani, Director General of ITPC stated: "The agreement signed today is a major step to provide an undersea option which helps in facilitating the passage of international communications and upgrading the level of international services provided by ITPC to the Iraqi people".

Designed to operate for 25 years and enter service during 2011, GBICS will exploit the commercial opportunity provided by the increasing demand for reliable high-speed telecommunications capacity in the Gulf region. In order to achieve this, GBICS will have very high capacity capable of meeting all current and future GCC demands with a design capacity of 5 Terabits per second on certain routes.

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