Reliable Executive Travel into Iraq

Royal Jet - the international luxury executive flight services company based in Abu Dhabi and chaired by His Excellency Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mubarak Al Nahyan - is proving to be the carrier of choice for businesses seeking safe and secure air transport to Iraq, according to the company.

Royal Jet has completed over 100 successful flights to this region providing both VIP air charter services as well as emergency medical evacuation with Royal Jet Medical Evacuation Services. These are made possible through Royal Jet's thorough security procedures and excellent working relations with Iraqi aviation authorities. As such, Royal Jet has established an excellent track record of experience and expertise that enables it to continue providing private air services to corporations and business executives wanting and needing to do business in Iraq.

"Royal Jet supports the UAE's close trade and commerce ties with Iraq, having served the Iraq market for a number of years," said Shane O'Hare, President and CEO of Royal Jet. "Following the 2003 conflict, Royal Jet became the first commercial flight provider to enter the market. Throughout this time, Royal Jet has worked closely with Iraqi authorities.

Royal Jet has a team of highly qualified security officers working with specialized and highly-skilled security consultants on-the-ground in Baghdad and Basra, they say.   A comprehensive risk and threat analysis is provided and each case is individually assessed by Royal Jet's Head of Security. Supported by real time updates and intelligence information, security evaluations are then constantly conducted throughout the entire journey.

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