Basra Airport Invites Businesses

Basra International Airport has announced that it will make space available to companies wanting to set up within the airport complex.

Domestic and international companies can lease land within the BIA airport grounds (outside of the USF-I COB limits) for a fee for a term of one or two years.

Interested firms will need to supply their own trailers for office/housing/conference needs, supply their own water/sewage/electricity, and supply their own internal security.

The cost, as quoted, is $150 per square meter per year, plus an additional 15% (of the total charge) for GOI-provided security (e.g. 1 square meter = $150 per year + $22.50/year for security = $172.50/square meter/year).  This security surcharge is for the outer perimeter and Alpha Gate (main airport entrance) security.  The lessee would be responsible for their own compound and security.

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