Exports to Iraq Double

He pointed out that Iran's exports to Iraq exceed Iran's exports to the UAE.

"Iran's export to both these countries in 2008-9 was almost the same Iran's exports to Iraq in 2009-10 doubled compared to the previous year.

Masoud Daneshmand, the head of Iran-Iraq Chamber of Commerce, told Iran Daily on Saturday that Iran's exports to Iraq increased from $2.5 billion in 2008-9 to $5 billion in 2009-10.

He noted that with the situation in Iraq calming down and reconstruction underway, Iranian products are highly favored in Iraq.

"Given the fact that during the (1980-88) war, many infrastructures of Iraq such as electricity and gas were ruined and consumption declined significantly. But now that many infrastructures of the country are being completed, the type of lifestyle and the respective needs change," he said.

Daneshmand also said plans are underway for exporting technical and engineering services to Iraq.

"The Iranian private sector has conducted negotiations with the Iraqi side for concluding contracts, a number of which have reached the implementation phase," he said.

At present, a power plant in Najaf with a capacity of 500 megawatts is under construction. The project will become operational in a year's time and the investment of the Iranian side will be recovered through the sale of electricity.

Two housing projects, with a capacity of building 4,000 residential units, are being implemented in Iraq by the Iranian private sector. One of these projects is located in Basra. These housing projects will be completed within a couple of years.

Negotiations have been finalized for constructing two power plants in the Iraqi Kurdistan region and Al-Amara province. The two sides have also conducted negotiations for building a brick factory and a detergent factory in Al-Amara.

The official said that in 2009-10, Iran's exports of technical and engineering services to Iraq amounted to $1 billion.

"Since launching projects from the feasibility phase to implementation phase is a time-consuming process and technical and engineering services project in 2009-10 did not become fully operational, only $300 million of the projected estimates were realized," he said.

and reached $2.5 billion each.

However, the figure pertaining to Iraq reached $5 billion in 2009-10 while exports to the UAE in 2009-10 remained the same as 2008-9. Our exports to the UAE are reexports, but the Iraqi people are end users of Iranian products," he said.

Daneshmand said the Iranian private sector's exports to Iraq are mostly construction materials such as cement, bricks, plaster and consumer goods as well as food products.

( Iran Daily )

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