Abu Falous Port Receives 4 Merchant Ships

The Iraqi port of Abu Falous on Wednesday received four merchant ships carrying varied cargos, the transport ministry said in a statement.

“Four ships; one from Panama and three from Iran transported containers and a varied cargo arrived in Abu Falous on Wednesday,” said the statement received by Aswat al-Iraq news agency.

The Shiite province of Basra, 590 km south of the Iraqi capital Baghdad, has five commercial ports and two oil ports: al-Maaqal, established in 1916 by the British forces and handed over to Iraqi authorities in 1937; and Faw, a small port on the al-Faw Peninsula near the Shatt al-Arab and the Persian Gulf.

In the early 1970s, Umm al-Qasr port was built, and in 1974, Khour al-Zubeir and Abu Falous ports were established on the Shatt al-Arab.

( Aswat Al Iraq )

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