ISX Trading Hits ID684 Million on Wednesday

The Iraqi Stock Exchange (ISX) trading activities hit 684 million Iraqi dinars on Wednesday.

Wednesday’s session saw trading over shares of 36 out of 84 electronically-registered firms, 11 of them went down, 13 up while 12 others retained their previous rates.

Traded shares hit 430.656 million worth more than 684.624 million dinars ($585,000) through 291 deals, with non-Iraqi investors grabbing 13 purchase deals worth 19.3 million dinars over the industrial, banking and hotel sectors.

The banking sector took the lead with 44% of the overall trading through 67 deals worth 304 million dinars in10 firms, followed by the industrial sector with 143 deals worth 211 million dinars in 11 firms and the hotel sector with 28 deals worth 97 million dinars in seven firms.

( Aswat Al Iraq )

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