Mid East Mobile Users spend $20 a Month on calls

The Middle East region is one of the most dynamic mobile markets in the world with a 23% increase in subscriber base and 12% increase in revenues in 2009 according to the latest market analysis from Dataxis Intelligence. It also has one of the highest mobile revenue per user per month (Arpu) with an average of $20 during 2009 behind only North America and Europe.

A closer look shows that in the last quarter of 2009 there were huge differences between Kuwait where users spend up to $52 a month and users in Yemen who allocate just $5 for mobile services.

Also interesting is the fact that more than half of the region's 14 countries generated a higher Arpu than the European average of $23 while only 3 countries - Iraq, Iran, Yemen- had an arpu below the worldwide average of $16 per month.

( PressReleaseNetwork.com )

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