"1,200 Foreign Firms" Taking Part in Baghdad International Fair

Baghdad International Fair expects its largest participation since the 2003-U.S. invasion when it starts its 37th session next week, according to a report from Azzaman.

The fair’s director-general, Sadeq Sultan, said the 10-day fair will see 1,200 foreign firms taking part as well 15 foreign countries.

This is quite a change from the 300 companies and 12 countries that were reported just a couple of weeks ago.

“The participation of so many firms and states is beyond our expectations if one bears in mind the political hurdles,” he said.

Sultan said some firms and states, which he did not name, were about to cancel their participation. “The holding of the fair itself was at some point at stake,” he said.

He said the problems facing the formation of a new Iraqi government more than six months after the general elections were among the main obstacles.

Sultan said this year’s session “is outstanding as it managed to attract countries such as France, Japan, Germany, India and Holland.”

He tentatively suggested that both Sweden and Bulgaria have also agreed to be represented.

As for security, Sultan said he had received assurances from the Baghdad Operations Command to safeguard the session, the participants and the visitors.

(Source: Azzaman)

If any Iraq Business News readers attend the event, perhaps you could do a quick count of the exhibitors and let us know if it is closer to 300 or 1,200. Thanks!

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