Ministry for Planning Blames Subcontractors for Delays

The Iraqi Minister of Planning and cooperative Development said on Sunday that delays in reconstruction projects in the country are due to the re-sale of projects to subcontractors.

Minister Ali Baban told AKnews that the re-sale system of secondary projects had a negative impact on the reconstruction of the country and that it would require serious efforts to overcome them.

"The service ministries that implement major projects must add a paragraph to their contracts prohibiting the contractor from selling the entire project to a secondary company," he said.

Mr. Baban complained that many of the projects that were conducted in this manner were unsuccessful because financial gains were prioritized over timelines and quality control.

“In a study prepared by the ministry, the harm caused by the continued resale of projects from one company to another was evident."

Iraqi law does not currently prevent companies that won contracts with government departments to re-sell them.

The Minister concluded by saying that he would discuss possible amendments to governmental contract policy in parliament.

(Source: AKnews)

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