Rail Revenues Up 25%

The revenues of the Iraqi Republic Railways Company were 24.5 percent higher in October than in September, according to AKnews.

The Transport Ministry announced that the IRR's revenues reached 1.6 billion IQD ($1.3 million USD) in October, compared to 1.3 billion IQD ($1.1 million USD) the previous month.

Only 9.6 percent (153 million IQD/$128,300 USD) of the revenues came from passengers, with 82 percent (1.3 billion IQD/$1.1 million USD) earned from freight. The rest came from "other activities".

AKnews says that although very precise, these numbers may not be correct. The Transport Ministry also announced that it pays 72 billion IQD ($60.4 million USD) on salaries, while its annual profits were not exceeding 12 billion IQD ($10.1 million USD).

(Source: AKnews)

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