Archive | 14th December 2011

Bombs Hit Iraqi Oil Pipeline

According to various sources, either two or three bombs hit a crude oil pipeline in Iraq's southern oilfields leading to storage tanks around Basra. The impact on oil production or exports was not immediately clear, but the deputy head of the Basra provincial council, Ahmed al-Sulaiti, said firefighters were still battling the fire late on […]


New Electricity Plant Opportunity in Basra

Basra Investment Commission has announced a new investment opportunity for the establishment of power plant in the Hartha area. The new plant will have a capacity of 100 MegaWatts. Companies interested in this opportunity should contact Basra Investment Commission for more details: (Source: Basra Investment Commmission)

Diyala Plans new Civilian Airport

Diyala Province is reportedly planning to build a civilian airport in the Mansuriya district, 30 km east of the provincial capital of Baquba. Mujawal al-Tayee, head of Diyala Council's Investment Board, said his board is engaged in negotiations with an un-named American company for the construction of the airport . AKnews reports that an executive from […]

Unemployment "Hits One Million"

Unemployment in Iraq has reached one million, according to a report from AKnews. Dara Hasan, Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, told the agency: "We are working on a plan to bring the level of unemployment down. There are 13 new laws ready to be issued which will protect and stabilized employees' rights in […]

CBI Discusses Dropping Three Zeroes from Currency

Discussions reportedly took place with the Central Bank of Iraq regarding the dropping of the three zeroes from Iraqi currency. MP Aziz Shareef al-Mayahi, a member of Parliamentary Economic Commission, added that detailed discussions were held on Tuesday with economic experts. The commission will study the suggestions in order to reach a suitable response on […]

Washington Window-Dressing and Diyala Federalism

The following article was published by Reidar Visser, an historian of Iraq educated at the University of Oxford and currently based at the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs. It is reproduced here with the author’s permission. Any opinions expressed are those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Iraq Business News. […]

Qualtra the Authorized Agent for Soler & Palau in Iraq

Soler & Palau, the leading Spanish company specialized in ventilation, announced the appointment of Quality Trading Company, Qualtra, as the authorized and only distributor in Iraq for their products that include both industrial and domestic ventilation. The partnership was signed during an official ceremony that was held on Oct 27th in Murica, Spain, between S&P […]