Lukoil Mid-East Limited Announces A New Tender

Lukoil, Mid-East Limited, a designated Operator for the West Qurna (Phase 2) contract area in Iraq, is developing the West Qurna 2 oilfield under the development and Production Service contract signed with the South Oil Company of the Iraqi Ministry of Oil.

Legal entities, domestic Iraqi and foreign companies having experience of Design , Supply, Installation and Commissioning of training rig and provision of training service required which are allowed the legislation of the Republic of Iraq and/or by their country of certification to perform its activities in the Republic of Iraq may participate in the Tender.

Companies acting as Applicants shall meet the following minimal qualification requirements specify in tender documentation including:

-To have an experience in manufacturing , supply of training rig during the past five years

-To be able to provide guarantee period for goods in the terms of twelve months from date of installation of the goods or a period of 24 months from date of delivery of the goods whichever period expires first.

-To have an opportunity to obtain required bank guarantees to secure contract performance under the contract

-To have valid ISO 9001 certificate and certificates of conformance .

Al full set of the tender documentation maybe be obtained after submition of a written application along with sufficient  information confirming that the company meets the minimal qualification requirements set out above (application on the letter head signed by authorized person shall be received before Martch 27, 2012 to )

The written request of applicant shall contain the following information:

-Full name of company

-Mail Address, phone, fax , email address , full name iof contact person and his email address.

The tender documentation shall be sent by email without any responsablility for loss or late arrival after submission of a written application as noted above. Envelopes with bids shall be delivered to the address specified in tender documentation before 15.00 hours of April 9, 2012.


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