New $5m Abattoir for Kirkuk

Plans have been announced to build a modern abattoir outside Kirkuk City at a cost of $5 million (6 billion Iraqi dinars), according to AKnews.

Falah al-Bazzaz, Chairman of Kirkuk Investment Commission, said the project is the first of its kind and will be built on a site of ​​40 acres. The development will also include a livestock market with capacity for 150 cows and 300 sheep.

A Turkish company, named in the report as "Jameson", will develop the project with the help of two Iraqi companies, Durrat al-Faisial and Sama al-Biet al-Saeid.

Director of the Municipality of Kirkuk, Abdul Karim Hassan, commented:

"The project is very important because it will contribute in the treatment of environmental pollution and put an end to the slaughter and breeding of sheep in residential neighborhoods."

(Source: AKnews)

2 Responses to New $5m Abattoir for Kirkuk

  1. Jack Mahr 1st May 2012 at 01:04 #

    This article adjusts 5 US (USD) dollars to 6 Iraqi (IQD) dinars. Should that be 6.000 dinars to $5 USD?

  2. Editor 1st May 2012 at 11:48 #

    Thanks Jack, you are correct. I've amended the article.

    - Editor