Weekly Security Update for 3rd May 2012

Levels of violence fell in Iraq last week following a spate of al-Qaeda attacks the previous week which killed dozens of people. Nonetheless, conditions were still relatively bad. At least 47 people were killed and 65 injured in nationwide incidents.

A suicide bomber in Ba'qubah killed 10 people and injured 15 mid-week. Otherwise a total of 25 non-suicide bomb attacks left 19 people dead and 36 injured. Small arms fire attacks left 15 people dead and 10 injured. An RPG attack in Mosul also left three people dead and four injured. There were no reported kidnappings.

Geographic Distribution
Mosul was in fact the most violent part of the country last week, followed by Sa'adiyah in Diyala province, where Kurdish civilians appear to have been singled out for attack by Arab militants. Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) territory on the other hand remains relatively secure. Baghdad, Tikrit, Kirkuk and Fallujah also saw several attacks.

Weekly Attacks in Iraq - the last 6 months

April Casualties
According to ministry statements at least 126 Iraqis were killed in violence during April. However, AKE research contradicts this, suggesting the much higher figure of 231 dead. Either way, conditions worsened over the course of the month, with the majority of casualties inflicted during a spate of co-ordinated al-Qaeda attacks on 19 April.

John Drake is a senior risk consultant with AKE, a British risk mitigation company working in Iraq since 2003. You can access AKE’s intelligence website Global Intake here, and you can obtain a free trial of AKE’s Iraq intelligence reports here.


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