Army Corps of Engineers Continues Construction in Iraq

The district is working with AFMC to provide facilities for F-16 aircraft to be stationed at Al-Asad Air Base. "A portion of the existing facilities will be renovated, while there will be a significant amount of new construction, with facilities estimated at nearly $300 million," said Patrick Tilque, FMS Iraq project manager.

In a much smaller FMS case for AFMC, the district is renovating facilities to accommodate C-130 aircraft on the New Muthana Air Base in Baghdad. "This $3 million case will allow the Iraq Air Force to maintain the aircraft and store spare parts," Tilque said.

Other FMS projects include a $28 million military training complex at Al-Harthiya, a $5.6 million military security school in Taji, a $21 million contract to provide facilities, such as administrative offices, security, and dining facilities, at Hawk and Tikrit Air Bases (also for AFMC), and a $23 million contract to expand military outposts in Al-Anbar province.

Plachy said the FMS program is generally progressing well. "Iraq is a sovereign country trying to move ahead. USACE enjoys good relations with the military officers with the Ministry of Defense and Iraq Air Force. The work isn't easy, but we get it done."

The Iraq Area Office manages another contract to support OSC-I operations, outside of the FMS program. A $55 million contract provides overhead covers at existing facilities in various locations to protect military and civilian personnel.


The Middle East district has supported Department of State programs for several years. Today's work includes just over a dozen projects, valued at $124 million, remaining from the major construction program as well as new initiatives.

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