Army Corps of Engineers Continues Construction in Iraq

The Middle East District also oversees a second grant, to the Ministry of Electricity at Mussaib Power Plant for the commissioning of two units. Once completed, this project will increase electrical power to Baghdad.

The district is managing several other projects in various stages, all slated to be finished by September 2013.


As his Iraq tour comes to an end, Mitchell said that USACE will continue to shape its presence to meet customer requirements.

The Iraq Area Office will likely transition to a smaller organizational structure operating from central Baghdad with project offices located with the work. The office will maintain its core of Iraqi citizens providing construction management services.

"The Iraqi citizens are crucial to our ability to deliver construction projects," Mitchell said. "They know our processes, our quality standards, and our safety practices. They have pride and ownership in their work.

"As our mission phases down here, there is nothing that pleases me more than to see them moving on, to jobs in industry or with the ministries, better prepared because of what they learned while working with USACE. Developing the engineering capacity is an important contribution to stability in Iraq.

"I'm most proud of our ability to deliver projects," Mitchell said. "Every project completion is a victory. Every project completed benefits Iraqi people and represents our contribution to Iraq's stability."

(Source, and picture credit: USACE)

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