Weekly Security Update

Southern Iraq (South Central and South East Regions)

The South Central Region recorded a total of four incidents for the reporting period, a reduction on the previous week and below the weekly average of nine for 2012.  This week’s figures continue to reflect a subdued period in the south central region. The four incidents comprised of an IED attack outside of a barber’s shop in Musayab, swiftly followed by two IEDs against first responders killing up to nine people, including a Colonel and at least six other policemen. IED finds were also reported in Jurf Sakhr and northern Kut and a kidnap was reported in Diwaniya. Continuing from last week’s low levels of violence, this trend remains somewhat unusual given the large numbers of attacks throughout the northern and central regions. This is possibly a reflection of the on-going ISF operations within the south central region which began prior to Ramadan.

The South East Region recorded five incidents during this reporting period, although this in an increase on the previous weeks figures it is still below the 2012 weekly average of seven. This increase on the previous period is not necessarily indicative of a deteriorating security situation within the region. During this reporting period, a fake IED was found beneath the car of a Ministry of Health employee in Dhi Qar and two men were arrested for murder in Maysan. In Basra, four shooting incidents were reported.  One targeted a relative of a prominent tribal Sheikh, one appears to have been retribution against the house of a rapist and two were reported as tribal disputes.  Elsewhere, a vehicle travelling from Umm Qasr to Baghdad was stopped at a checkpoint and found to contain large quantities of grenades and other munitions, resulting in the arrest of six people. This week also saw further public demonstrations in Basra regarding the continued lack electricity provisions within the city.


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