IBN's Expert Bloggers Lead the Way

By Padraig O'Hannelly.

For readers interested in investment opportunities in Iraq, I think it's fair to say that our Expert Bloggers have excelled themselves in recent weeks.

Following the analysis of Iraq's banking sector by InvestAD's Sherif Salem earlier this month, Mark DeWeaver of Quantrarian Asia Hedge has been picking through the balance sheets of listed companies to identify under-valued assets.

The results are sometimes startling, with property bought when the Iraqi dinar was worth over $3 -- it's now worth less than one-tenth of a cent -- still carried on the books at original cost price; Mark finds hidden gems trading at tiny fractions of the values of their property.

We're also delighted to welcome a new Expert Blogger to our ranks: Jared Levy is Senior Middle East Analyst at Dunia Frontier Consultants. Based in Iraq, Jared has extensive experience conducting field research, and this week gives us a detailed look at foreign commercial activity in the country in the first seven months of this year. We look forward to reading his perspectives on inward investment in the country.

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