Weekly Security Update

Southern Iraq (South Central and South East Regions)

The South Central Region reported seven incidents during the reporting period, which is just below the 2012 weekly average of nine.  While the emphasis of insurgency in Iraq is currently concentrated on the central and northern regions of the country, the northern portions of the South Central Region remain vulnerable to attacks from Baghdad’s southern belts. The majority of incidents this week were concentrated in northern parts of Wasit and Babil Provinces.  In Babil attacks primarily targeted the security apparatus, with two explosive devices against ISF and the assassination of a Sahwa member.  In Wasit, there were attacks on two high profile figures in the north of the province, on 1 October an Imam from Aziziya, was targeted in a bomb attack and on 3 October, four civilians were wounded by an explosive device which detonated against their vehicle as they passed near Suwayra Bridge.

The South East Region remains largely subdued, with ten reported incidents during the period.   This is slightly up on last week’s number and still above the 2012 weekly average of seven.  Once again the majority of incidents were focused in Basra Province, where reporting included one shooting incident, two incidents involving explosive devices, and five murders.  These incidents typically reflect communal, criminal or domestic disputes and are not indicative of destabilisation of basic security in the province due to militia or insurgent activity.  Elsewhere in the region, an official in the passport directorate was killed in Samawa, with a subsequent arrest suggesting the incident resulted from a personal dispute, and an explosive device was disarmed in Dhi Qar. 


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