Infinite possibility, Immediate need – Education in Iraq

By Madeleine White, former teacher and educational writer and Head of Marketing, Whizz Education.

Several years ago, I was working as an English Literature Teacher in at a typical state secondary school in the UK. I remember sitting in a classroom of 16 year old boys, who really didn’t want to be there. They wanted to earn money and didn’t see how a class on Dylan Thomas could help prepare them for this immediate working future. Essentially they couldn’t see the point.

Creating this ‘point of engagement’ has been something that has followed me through my career into educational marketing and interestingly is very much on the global agenda also.

I was recently on a trade mission organised by the KRG to Erbil and was lucky enough to meet Kurdistan’s President Barzani. He reiterated his desire to ensure that extraction of the region’s natural resources was matched by a commitment to supporting the human resource. It made me realise that finding this point of engagement was very much on his agenda also.

This is why:

  • Kurdistan wants to build upon the natural resources to leverage their human resources.
  • In order to do this they need the right structures in place that will encourage the growth and development they are looking for, within the economy as a whole
  • They also need to address region specific needs, such as rebuilding agriculture, serving water needs and indeed supporting the infrastructure needed to facilitate the development of the region’s natural resources.

One Response to Infinite possibility, Immediate need – Education in Iraq

  1. Cllr Gee 30th December 2013 at 13:53 #

    As a former teacher, I agree completely, that students must be able to understand the point of what they are learning. It is of the utmost importance that the subject matter is made relevant to their present or future lives.