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New Novel from Former IBN Expert Blogger

By Padraig O'Hannelly. Former IBN Expert Blogger Madeleine White has just published a new work of fiction, inspired in part by her experiences in Iraq. Set at the end of our world, "Mother of Floods" immerses the reader in a brave new world of 24/7, self-sustaining algorithms, showing how individual choices can lead to powerful […]

A Safe Space

By Madeleine White Last week was Week of Women and Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW). It is not surprising therefore that I was involved in two thought leadership events – both looking at different perspectives of the entrepreneurial ecosystem, and the players and policies that shape it. The first event was hosted by the FCO's Wilton […]

Building Market Opportunity and Women’s Networks in MENA

By Madeleine White Reflections on Trade+ Impact summit, in Ifrane, Morocco 19-23rd September 2016 Madeleine is co-founder of Nina magazine, Impact director of Enterprise development NGO Challenges Worldwide (a founder member of the Access to Finance for Rural Enterprise (ACRE) consortium). Madeleine contributed to discussions around the importance of impact investment and social enterprise within wider economic […]

A new generation of Impact Investment, an opportunity for Iraq?

By Madeleine White, capacity building specialist and co-founder of Nina-Iraq Magazine, Director of Impact, Challenges. On International Women's Day last year I was in Kurdistan, addressing an audience of hundreds of men and women looking to celebrate the strides women had made in both Kurdistan and Iraq as a whole. This year I spent the day in the City […]

The’ Next Billion’ and the Power of Inclusive Prosperity

By Madeleine White, capacity building specialist and co-founder of Nina Magazine “Emerging markets will be a driving force in sustainable economic growth. If civil society is fully and inclusively engaged in the economy, the significant population growth rate will lead to greater consumption and therefore greater economic growth.  Cash rich emerging markets with an inclusive […]

A Message of Hope on Int'l Women’s Day

Report first published in nina-iraq.com, the magazine for Iraqi women everywhere Key stakeholders, including the Municipality of Suleimania, the University of Suleimania, Chamber Trade Sweden, Nina Magazine  and many others sent a strong message of collaboration and support to all Iraqi women on March 8th Women’s Day. A two day event held at the Grand […]

Iraq’s First Female Goodwill Ambassador

By Madeleine White, capacity building specialist and Editor-in-Chief of nina-iraq.com This article was original published by Nina Magazine, (www.nina-iraq.com) and is republished here with their permission. Iraq’s First Female Goodwill Ambassador: Making my Voice reach the Farthest Corners of the Earth Me’aad Hussein Sahar addresses women through “Nina” in this interview with Sana Bekki, telling […]

Mobile Miracles - Educational Vision

Madeleine White is a capacity building specialist and Editor-in-Chief of nina-iraq.com In the last few weeks Nina has run three major interviews. We have spoken to Iraqi civil society leader and global Vital Voices winner Suaad Allami, women’s rights activist and MP Mayson Damaluji as well as Kurdish politician and business leader Parwen Babaker. All […]

Suaad Allami, a Vital Voice of Leadership for Iraq

By Madeleine White, Managing Editor of NINA. Suaad Allami, a Vital Voice of Leadership for Iraq and an Inspiration for Women Everywhere It is interesting when you interview people. Sometimes you get to meet them physically, sometimes you get to speak by skype or by phone, other times answers are returned by Email. Each interview leaves […]

Nina Launches in Iraq

Nina Launches in Iraq – Voices of Promise and Hope Join Together in Suleimania Nearly 200 business leaders, politicians, civic society leaders and even Miss Kurdistan for Peace attended the Iraqi launch of Nina, held at Suleimania’s Grand Millennium Hotel, thanks to the generosity of sponsors Asiacell. A live TV broadcast saw Nina Champion and […]