PM Barzani's Speech at CWC Oil and Gas Conference

The safeguard is Iraq’s federal constitution of 2005, which was ratified by the majority of the Iraqi people, and which enshrines the rights of the Iraqi people in all the Regions and governorates over the ownership, management and control of Iraq’s natural resources for the benefit of all Iraq’s citizens.

If it is to succeed, the new Iraq must be based on sharing both power and wealth.

That is what the Constitution demands and that is what guides every action taken by the KRG to develop a modern, progressive and sustainable oil and gas industry.

Of course there are some disagreements between the KRG and certain officials in Baghdad who think that only they have the right to control and manage oil and gas, but the federal Constitution says otherwise.

Now we see other governorates in Iraq are following our example and also pushing for their Constitutional rights.

Baghdad always uses the budget and natural resources as a means to punish the Kurdistan Region, which is very unfortunate, while we are determined that these issues can only be resolved by using the Iraqi constitution and agreements.

The days of dictatorship, unaccountable institutions and centralised economic mismanagement should be consigned to the dustbin of history.

Iraq’s oil and gas revenues must be used to help and support the aspirations of the current and future generations, and not to buy expensive weapons and create crises involving the country in more problems.

Our sound investment policies since 2003, Iraq’s federal Constitution in 2005, and Kurdistan’s Oil and Gas Law of 2007 have underpinned the rapid acceleration in the pace of development of the oil and gas industry in the Kurdistan Region.

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One Response to PM Barzani's Speech at CWC Oil and Gas Conference

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    Uncle Sam and friends
    5th December 2012 at 10:09 #

    Deeds on the ground iw what counts. As long as Maliki controls the pipelines and payments of oil things will go from bad to worse. The kurdish-turkish pipeline will be ready earliest 2015.
    The real nottleneck in the production gap to millions of oil barrels production is the infrastructure of Kurdistan.
    Considering that nearly nothing is produced in Kurdistan, most of the products and services needed to the infracstructure investments has to be imported.
    Professional project management at all levels and transparency could be a good start.