PM Barzani's Speech at CWC Oil and Gas Conference

I will not try to pretend that in the Kurdistan Region we are free of problems, we are a transitional stage and the road to development is long and sometimes difficult.

However, we remain committed to work hard through dialogue to resolve all outstanding issues with Baghdad within the framework of the Iraqi Constitution.

We hope that a federal hydrocarbon law will be passed soon to stabilize the relationship between the petroleum operations in both Kurdistan and the rest of Iraq. But it must be in line with the Constitution, otherwise it will be worthless.

We need a revenue-sharing law to transparently and fairly arrange the collection and distribution of Iraq’s revenues.

In addition to this, we need to begin plans to put a system in place to ensure that oil and gas revenues are shared with the people so that all citizens can benefit today -- and into the future -- from the blessing of our natural resources. I would like to reiterate that Power-sharing is a vital factor for the success of the political process in Iraq.

We in the Kurdistan Region only want to look forward. We will reject all efforts that try to recreate the authoritarian ways of the past.

Our goals for Iraq are simple and principled – we want a federal, pluralistic, and democratic system that serves the needs of all Iraqis, and protects the economic and political freedoms we cherish.

We want to make certain that our energy resources are used to improve the lives and dreams of our people, to provide security, prosperity, and a higher quality of life for all.

Thank you once again for coming and attending, and I hope this conference is a success.

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One Response to PM Barzani's Speech at CWC Oil and Gas Conference

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    Uncle Sam and friends
    5th December 2012 at 10:09 #

    Deeds on the ground iw what counts. As long as Maliki controls the pipelines and payments of oil things will go from bad to worse. The kurdish-turkish pipeline will be ready earliest 2015.
    The real nottleneck in the production gap to millions of oil barrels production is the infrastructure of Kurdistan.
    Considering that nearly nothing is produced in Kurdistan, most of the products and services needed to the infracstructure investments has to be imported.
    Professional project management at all levels and transparency could be a good start.