PM Barzani's Speech at CWC Oil and Gas Conference

Speech by KRG Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani to the CWC Kurdistan-Iraq Oil and Gas Conference

Excellencies, distinguished guests, ladies and gentleman, welcome to Erbil. Welcome to the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

I am happy to participate with you all today, to listen, to learn about, to discuss and debate the vital issues surrounding the oil and gas industry in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

Thank you to the CWC Group for bringing them all together.

Ladies and gentlemen,

The people of the Kurdistan Region have come a long way from the suffering of the past. We are excited about our future and about building a peaceful and prosperous Region where the benefits of a growing and diversified economy can improve the lives of all our people and inspire the rest of Iraq.

We all know that for much of Iraq’s modern history, particularly during dictatorship, the wealth derived from our natural resources has been abused. Instead Iraq used the wealth from its natural resources to buy weapons and upgrade its military, which led to oppression both at home and in waging wars against its neighbours.

Today the Kurdistan Regional Government is determined to change these old repressive policies. We are determined not to allow Iraq’s tragic history to repeat itself.

One Response to PM Barzani's Speech at CWC Oil and Gas Conference

  1. Uncle Sam and friends 5th December 2012 at 10:09 #

    Deeds on the ground iw what counts. As long as Maliki controls the pipelines and payments of oil things will go from bad to worse. The kurdish-turkish pipeline will be ready earliest 2015.
    The real nottleneck in the production gap to millions of oil barrels production is the infrastructure of Kurdistan.
    Considering that nearly nothing is produced in Kurdistan, most of the products and services needed to the infracstructure investments has to be imported.
    Professional project management at all levels and transparency could be a good start.