Don't Choke Iraq's Revenue

This week's bomb attack on the freight port of Umm Qasr was something new, but it appears to be an extension of the terrorist strategy of targeting Iraq's commercial infrastructure.

Seen in the context of the growing number of attacks on northern pipelines – at least 37 attacks in the past 2 months alone – it is clear that the intention is to choke Iraq's trade and destroy its oil revenues.

But while the aim may be to damage the government, the effect is to harm all Iraqis, not least those directly affected by the violence.

And the tactics needed to tackle this threat may lead to more restrictions on the movement of people and goods, further diminishing the quality of life and hampering the development of the country.

Attempting to destroy Iraq's trade helps no-one, and prolongs the suffering of ordinary Iraqis.


6 Responses to Don't Choke Iraq's Revenue

  1. Salem 22nd August 2013 at 14:10 #

    Umm Qasr Performance has made the enemies of Iraqi People are angry that they are trying in which way to hamper these good development. Since the cargo volume is increasing in Iraqi ports, the neighboring ports wish to attract the cargo as they can and may be they compete negatively. As we know the competition is a right to any origination but in providing to be fair. My point is to wait please, the investigation of the accident is still not appear to decide whether was terrorist attack or just usual accident that is happening to any port in the world. As a result it will not give a prove to the other competitors to celebrate with this story.

  2. Brady 22nd August 2013 at 20:44 #


    I have great praise for the Iraqi people and wish them well!
    Perhaps if the Government would go ahead and Return the Value of the Dinar to where it was before the terrible war; the good people of Iraq would seriously gain the neccessary Power to raise out of poverty as the people they are and the world would come pouring in to assist them in raising once again as a Powerful and Wonderful Country.

  3. nemesis 24th August 2013 at 23:53 #

    Dinar RV is a dream of American little speculators, Iraq people don't care about it! - they have other priorities how to survive this mess.