KRG Welcomes Delegation from German Universities

In a visit organised by the Kurdistan Student Union (KSU), Minister Falah Mustafa received a large group of German students and teachers from leading universities and institutes.

This is part of a broader initiative by KSU in encouraging exchange of visits and to promote discussions and research about the history, cultural and progress of the Region.

During the meeting, Mr Sarbast Safti, Director of KSU International Relations, spoke in detail about their initiative and attempts to create more understanding and awareness. The head of delegation later spoke on behalf of the students to explain the aim of the visit.

Minister Mustafa welcomed the group and commended KSU on their efforts to reach out to other institutions from the international community. Minister Mustafa spoke about the political situation in Kurdistan, Iraq and the prosperity Kurdistan continues to witness.

Speaking about the important role the KRG Department of Foreign Relations plays, he said: ‘Our mission is to convey the reality on the ground to the international community; explain our history and vision for the future, build bridges with the private sector and institutions and to promote political, economic and cultural ties.’

The meeting also touched on several other important aspects, including the crisis in Syria and the increasing number of refugees fleeing the violence. The KRG is currently providing humanitarian assistance to almost 200,000 refugees in Kurdistan while continuing to call for more aid from the international community.

In response to several questions from the group, Minister Mustafa said that the leadership in Kurdistan has played a key role in the new Iraq based on a voluntary union and on the principles of partnership and power-sharing. He added that Kurdistan will continue to abide by the Constitution to resolve differences with the Federal Government in Baghdad and be a partner in building a federal, pluralistic and democratic Iraq.

Minister Mustafa added that Kurdistan has proven itself to be a factor of stability not only compared to rest of Iraq, but in the Middle East as a whole.

‘The KRG has always conveyed a message of peace and co-existence to neighbouring countries and expressed interest in establishing good-neighbourly relations based on mutual respect and understanding,’ he added

Ms Siham Jabali, Assistant Head of DFR and other officials attended the meeting.

(Source: KRG)

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