Rare Violence Targets Erbil

By John Lee.

A series of bombings has rocked Erbil, the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan, killing six members of the security services and wounding a further 62 people, including 42 security and police officers.

A car bomber reportedly rammed a checkpoint leading to the interior ministry and a number of security agencies; as emergency services arrived, another bomber struck driving an explosive-rigged ambulance, while gunmen also attacked on foot.

Nozad Hadi, the governor of Irbil province, told AFP news agency that the victims were members of the Kurdish "asayesh" security services.

A spokesman for Prime Minister Nouri l-Maliki was quoted as saying that the violence could be linked to fighting between jihadists and Kurds in Syria.

Shares in Kurdistan-focussed oil companies such as Gulf Keystone Petroleum (GKP) and Genel Energy were trading lower on Monday morning.

(Sources: BBC, AFP, KRG, Yahoo!)

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