MAG Boosts Iraq Shipping Capacity by 60%

By John Lee.

Dubai-based MAG Container Lines (MCL), a division of the multinational MAG Group, has added three new automated vessels to its existing fleet on the UAE-Iraq route.

According to the report from TradeArabia, the addition of the Al Hussein, MAG Bride (pictured) and MAG Pearl boosts the company's potential capacity on the route by 60 percent.

A total of $6 million was invested in the IAX-class vessels, which have an individual cargo capacity of 301 TEUs, or 3,549 metric tonnes, with all three ships already operational.

The company first began operations in 2005 as a pioneer liner from Khalid Port in Sharjah to the high profile private port Abu-Fulus [Abu Fallous], located 25 kilometres south of Basra.

(Source: TradeArabia)

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