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15 Air Strikes Hit ISIS in Iraq

  By Simon Kent. The US Department of Defence have released data on Coalition air strikes on ISIS in Iraq and Syria, normally indicative of 24hrs of military activity. Without context, the report reads as a list of different attacks on the terrorists with no apparent meaning other than removing ISIS fighters and equipment from […]

MAG Boosts Iraq Shipping Capacity by 60%

By John Lee. Dubai-based MAG Container Lines (MCL), a division of the multinational MAG Group, has added three new automated vessels to its existing fleet on the UAE-Iraq route. According to the report from TradeArabia, the addition of the Al Hussein, MAG Bride (pictured) and MAG Pearl boosts the company's potential capacity on the route by 60 […]

Video: Floating Plants to Ease Power Shortage

Nine years after the war and with billions of US dollars spent, electricity is still in short supply in Iraq. The government is looking to use electricity-generating ships to meet the expected uptick in demand in the coming summer months. In electricity-strapped provinces like Basra, where the power generated by a Turkish 'floating electricity plant' […]

Iraqi Ports Receive 22 Ships This Week

Basra’s ports received 22 commercial ships from different countries this week, according to the Iraqi ports department’s relations & information chief on Thursday. “Umm Qasr port received 17 ships, while Abu Fallous received 3 and al-Maaqal two ships,” Anmar Abdulmenaem al-Safi told Aswat al-Iraq news agency. The Shiite province of Basra, 590 km south of […]