Generation Global - Empowering Young Learners

By Madeleine White, capacity building and communications specialist.

Generation Global - empowering young  learners to become adult nation builders

It’s that time of year again.  GESS, and the Global Educational Forum are starting tomorrow in Dubai. Leaders from the world of education, government, private sector and technology will be sharing perspectives and getting insight into some of the most important innovations to take place on the world stage this year.

Last year I spoke at this event, discussing how Educational Technology had moved from being a Useful Tool to Educational Imperative, in fact detailing how educational technology had come of age, citing opportunities in Iraq as an example.  This year I am moving one step further, looking at how to use the frameworks created by the new generation of educational technology to create young global citizens – who eventually turn into adult national builders.

If you read my blog regularly, you will know that in the last twelve months I have heeded my own call.  I started working on human and technological frameworks that were able to support the 'capacity building pipeline' at adult level.  Projects linking the private sector into supporting youth and gender inclusion, (because inclusion is good business) have been at the heart of my work. I also shared Nina with you in my last blog – a magazine and website that is both a forum and a place of opportunity for Iraqi women to connect across the world.

Another project that is at the cutting edge of sustainable capacity building is one I am working on in Egypt, with the capacity to spread regionally.  Silatech, The Mowgli Mentoring Foundation and the Egyptian Microfinance Network are partnering to create an exciting new approach to Microbusiness growth.  Demaand combines access to finance  with positive relationships built through mentoring, enabling MFIs to deliver all round support services in an innovative blended learning approach.

So, Useful Tool to Educational Imperative – delivered.

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