Asiacell Selects Anam Technologies

Anam Technologies, a Irish mobile messaging software solutions provider for mobile operators, has announced that they have been selected by Asiacell to provide its SMS Firewall service ANTISpam.

The service was selected by Asiacell to enhance the operator’s ability to detect and block spam traffic from entering its network and protect its customers from receiving spam messages. Anam will partner with local company, Iraqcom Technologies, to deliver the solution and provide Asiacell with a full suite of support services.

Anam’s ANTISpam service detects and blocks spam messages, which can take the form of messages from an anonymous or faked sender and often asks customers to reply to expensive, premium rate numbers, or messages that the customer views as offensive.

Anam’s advanced filtering engine detects spamming; spoofing, faking and spam content and prevents it from reaching a customer’s mobile phone, therefore improving a user’s experience, reducing levels of churn and protecting the operator’s network.

Among the innovative new detection techniques that Asiacell will benefit from are one-step user reporting and trend analysis developed by Anam to facilitate an automated detection and blocking of new emerging fraud and spam campaigns.

The new scope of delivery also extends the Bye-Bye service which allows customers to block calls and SMS messages from unwanted numbers such as bullies, harassers, etc.

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