KRG Begins Government Formation

After the elections, the Iraqi Kurdish parliament opened its first session on October 6 last year. But no government was able to be formed. However this may soon change. On Tuesday, April 29, the Iraqi Kurdish parliament held its longest ever open session and elected MPs to several important positions, including some of the disputed ones.

Local legislation states that the parliament must convene within a month of election results being announced and elect a cabinet within that first session. Because the parties couldn’t come to an agreement, it was decided to simply keep the session, which eventually lasted a massive 176 days, going until the impasse was resolved.

Over the last few months all four of the leading parties have said they felt the best solution was a broad-based power-sharing government with each of the four largest parties participating – that is the KDP, the PUK, the Change movement and the somewhat smaller Iraqi Kurdish Islamic parties.

But while they agreed on that idea, they could not agree which posts should be given to which party.

The KDP had the post of the region’s Prime Minister but it did not want to give up two of the most important ministries in Iraqi Kurdistan: the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Natural Resources. Additionally the KDP also had the post of Deputy Speaker of Parliament.

The Change movement had insisted on being given the Deputy Prime Minister’s seat as well as the Ministry of the Interior. But they have now been satisfied with the posts of Speaker of Parliament and the important Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Peshmerga Affairs – the Peshmerga are a vital part of Iraqi Kurdistan’s own military.  The Change movement has also been given other positions.

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